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Native American Stories About Annoying People

Tricksters and other badly-behaved people or animals receiving comeuppance for annoying others is a common theme in Native American folklore. The actual content of the annoying behavior varies from tribe to tribe, but playing pranks on people, repeatedly pestering them, being nosy about someone else's personal life, using rude insults, and talking too much are some of the most common offenders.

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Legends About Annoying People

Raven Annoys Octopus:
    Northwest Coast Native legend about Raven the trickster learning his lesson about being annoying.
*The Seven Wise Men:
    Lenape myth about elders who became stars to get away from the people's pestering.
*The Stubborn Girl:
    Lenape legend about a young girl punished for annoying a dog.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Owl Eyes:
    Picture book based on a Mohawk legend about Owl being punished for continually annoying the Creator.

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