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Native American Stories About Balance

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about balance.

Legends About Balance

Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle * Why We Need Wind * The Bird whose Wings Made the Wind:
    Wabanaki Indian legends in which the culture hero Gluskabe discovers that the world cannot survive without wind.
How Glooscap Found Summer: * How Glooskap Found The Summer:
    Wabanaki Indian myths about the the culture hero creating balance between the seasons.
*Weasel in the Hen House:
    Lenape story telling how weasels got out of balance with nature.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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The Magic of Spider Woman:
    Beautiful picture book based on a Navajo myth about Spider Woman teaching a weaver to lead a balanced life.
Mwakwa Talks to the Loon:
    Another wonderful picture book about a Cree hunter who becomes too proud and must ask for Loon's help in restoring balance.
*Mouse Woman and the Mischief Makers * Mouse Woman and the Muddleheads * Mouse Woman and the Vanished Princesses :
    Lively retellings of three Haida Indian stories about a mouse goddess who teaches the people proper behavior and harmony with nature.
Whale in the Sky:
    Picture book based on a Northwest Coast legend about Thunderbird bringing balance to marine life by moving Whale to the ocean.
Coyote and the Grasshoppers:
    Picture book illustrating a Pomo Indian myth showing how even pests like grasshoppers are part of the balance of nature.

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