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Native American Stories About Boys

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about boys.

Legends About Boys

*Mooin, the Bear's Child:
    Micmac legend of a boy adopted by a bear.
*Opichi * The Boy Who Became A Robin:
    Chippewa Indian legends about a boy who turned into the first robin.
*The Boy Who Had Dog Power:
    Lenape legend about a boy and his dog becoming powerful together.
*Legend of the Crazy Dog Society:
    Blackfoot myth about a brave boy who tries to follow the men to war, who ends up earning powerful coyote medicine.
*Splinter-Foot Boy:
    Caddo legend about a boy hero.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Ziiniyah: How The Corn Was Saved:
    Beautiful picture book illustrating a legend about a brave Navajo boy who goes on a quest to save his people's crops.
Salmon Boy:
    Excellent version of a Northwest Coast Native American legend about a boy who learns the ways of the Salmon People.
Bringer of the Mystery Dog:
    Another good children's book, illustrating a Sioux folktale about a boy's quest to bring the first horse to his people.
*Yonder Mountain:
    Children's book by a Cherokee author, based on a traditional story about a boy learning to become a true chief.
Eagle Boy:
    Northwest Coast legend about a boy who taught humans and eagles to cooperate.

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