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Native American Stories About Cheating

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about cheating.

Legends About Cheating

How The Deer Got His Horns:
    Cherokee Indian legend about Rabbit losing a contest to Deer through his own cheating.
*Chahnameed the Glutton:
    Mohegan Indian legend about a cheating trickster who uses deceit to win an eating contest.
*Why the Weasel Is Nervous:
    Cree legend about Weasel trying to win a wife by cheating the culture hero.
*Coyote And Turtle Run A Race:
    Caddo legend about Turtle cheating at a game to teach Coyote a lesson.
*Coyote Gets Rich off the White Men * Coyote Shows How He Can Lie * Coyote and the Cheating Medicine:
    Humorous Plains Indian legends about the trickster Coyote schooling people in the art of cheating.

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