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Native American Stories About Cooperation

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about cooperation.

Legends About Cooperation

The Three Sisters:
    Native American legends from the Northeast Woodlands about the cooperation of Corn, Squash and Beans.
*How the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Ottawa Became One People * A Potawatomi Story:
    A lovely Potawatomi legend about three grieving fathers who teach their tribes to cooperate.
The Wawa (Wild Goose) Clan:
    Lenape story about people learning lessons about cooperation from the wild geese.
The Mountain Goat:
    Lenape legend about a selfish mountain goat learning the importance of helping others.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends

Turtle's Race With Beaver:
    Picture book based on a Seneca Indian story about Beaver learning a lesson about getting along with other animals.
Eagle Boy:
    Northwest Coast Native American legend about humans and eagles learning to cooperate.
*Yonder Mountain:
    Children's book based on a Cherokee Indian myth about leadership and the spirit of cooperation.
Rabbit and the Well:
    Cherokee Indian legend book about the trickster Rabbit trying to steal water instead of cooperating to build a well.
Whale in the Sky:
    Picture book based on a Northwest Coast Native legend about all the animals working together to save the salmon from a whale.
Rainbow Crow:
    Picture book based on a Lenape legend about Crow selflessly risking his life to help his friends.
Efraín of the Sonoran Desert: A Lizard's Life Among the Seri Indians:
    A heartwarming children's story about the cooperative relationship between zebra-tailed lizards and the Seri tribe.

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