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Native American Legends and Stories About Famines

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about famine.

Native American Famine Spirits

Native American Famine Stories

Rabbit Calls A Truce:
    In this Penobscot story, two tricksters end a famine by outwitting evil animal spirits who had been hoarding food.
*Corn Mother:
    Lenape legend about a famine caused by disrespecting the Corn Mother.
*How Medicine Man Resurrected Buffalo:
    Arapaho legend about a medicine man who saved his people from starvation.
*How the Indians Obtained Dogs:
    Cree story about a wolf who helped a starving family and became the first dog.
*The Old Woman of the Spring:
    Legend of a spirit woman who helped the Cheyennes through a famine.
*The Monster Who Came Up The River:
    Cayuse legend about Coyote using his cleverness to slay a monster that was causing a famine.

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