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Native American Stories About Fishing

Native American Fishing Gods and Spirits

Salmon Boy (Northwest Coast)

Legends About Fishing

*The Origin of Fishing:
    Nlaka'pamux myth about how the Transformer taught the people to fish.
Fox Plays a Trick * How the Bear Lost His Tail:
    Algonquian legends about animals trying to go ice fishing with their tails.
    Oral history from a Dene elder about the traditional importance of fishing.
*Coyote Goes Fishing:
    Caddo legend about a man who takes revenge on Coyote.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends

Mwakwa Talks to the Loon:
    Picture book illustrating a Cree legend about Loon teaching the people to hunt and fish responsibly.
Salmon Boy:
    A Northwest Coast legend about a boy who becomes a salmon and teaches his people how to fish respectfully.
Nanabosho, Soaring Eagle, and the Great Sturgeon:
    A nice retelling of a Chippewa Indian legend about two selfish fishermen learning lessons.

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