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Native American Stories About Girls

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about girls.

Legends About Girls

*Oochigeas and Invisible Boy * Invisible One and the Rough-Faced Girl * Mi'kmaq Indian Cinderella:
    Micmac and Maliseet Indian stories about the Burnt-Face Girl, a variant on the French Cinderella.
*The Girl Chenoo * The Girl and the Chenoo The Little Girl and the Windigo:
    Native American legends about girls encountering cannibal monsters.
*The Girl Who Was The Ring:
    Pawnee legend of a girl kidnapped by the buffalo people.
*The Girl Who Had Power To Call The Buffalo:
    Caddo legend about a star girl who had buffalo power.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Maiden of the Mist: A Legend of Niagara Falls:
    Children's book based on the Seneca Indian legend of Lelawala, the girl spirit of the waterfalls of Niagara.
The Girl Who Swam With The Fish:
    A modern retelling of an Alaskan Athabaskan legend about a girl who turns into a salmon.
The Turkey Girl: A Zuni Cinderella Story:
    Picture book telling a Zuni Indian folktale about an orphan girl who learns a hard lesson about keeping her word.
The Legend of Katama:
    Picture book based on a Wampanoag Indian story about a girl who turned into a dolphin and became a symbol of love and peace.
Many Hands: A Penobscot Indian Story:
    Picture book about a young Penobscot girl learning a lesson about family and community.

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