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Native American Legends and Stories About Grandfathers

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about grandfathers.

Native American Grandfather Spirits

*Grandfather Sky (Carib)
Nishkam (Grandfather Sun)

Native American Grandfather Stories

*The Girl and the Chenoo:
    Passamaquoddy Indian story about a girl who turns an ice monster human again by adopting him as her grandfather.
The Last Track:
    Story from a Lenape man sharing his grandfather's words of wisdom about beginnings and endings.
*Grandfather Thunder:
    Lenape legend about the importance of honoring our grandfathers.
*A Story About Respect * The Useless Grandfather:
    Versions of a widespread folktale about a boy who shames his parents into treating his grandfather better.
*Cipayak, the Northern Lights:
    Cree legend about a disrespecful youth who ignored his grandfather's wise advice and offended the Northern Lights.
    Oral history from a Cree elder about a woman's devotion to her adopted grandfather.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends

Sunpainters: Eclipse of the Navajo Sun:
    Beautifully illustrated book by a Native artist about a Navajo grandfather sharing traditional teachings with his grandson.

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