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Native American Stories About Helping

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about helping others.

Legends About Helping

The Badger and the Bear:
    Lakota legend about a greedy bear punished for turning on a badger who had helped him in his time of need.
*The Story of the Maple Tree * Woodpecker and the Sugar Maple:
    Lenape legend about the woodpeckers and the maple tree helping each other.
The Mountain Goat:
    Lenape legend about a selfish mountain goat learning the importance of helping others.
*The Little People or Makiaweesug * Makiawisug, the Little People:
    Stories about a Mohegan woman who was rewarded for helping one of the Little People.
*How the Indians Obtained Dogs:
    Cree story about a wolf who helped a starving family and became the first dog.
    Story from a Cree elder illustrating the traditional value of helping others.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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*Yonder Mountain:
    Children's book by a Cherokee author, based on a traditional myth about how important helping others is to true leadership.
The Story of Jumping Mouse:
    Award-winning picture book based on a Native American story of a mouse rewarded for helping others.
Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird:
    Beautiful children's book by a Native author illustrating a Crow Indian story about a man who helps the thunderbirds.
How The Robin Got Its Red Breast:
    A Sechelt legend about how Robin saved the people by keeping their fire from going out.
Frog Brings Rain:
    Bilingual children's book illustrating the Navajo legend of how Frog and Crane helped save the first people.
Rainbow Crow:
    Picture book based on a Lenape legend about Crow selflessly helping his friends.
The Opossum's Tale:
    Children's book illustrating a Cherokee legend about an arrogant opossum learning to help others.

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