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Native American Herb Mythology

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about herbs.

Herb Mythology In Various Tribes

*Legends about achiote
*Legends about agave
*Legends about bloodroot
*Legends about caapi
*Legends about cedar
*Legends about chicory
*Legends about chocolate
*Legends about copal
*Legends about coneflowers
*Legends about cottonwood
*Legends about dandelions
*Legends about ferns
*Legends about fir trees
*Legends about juniper
*Legends about lavender
*Legends about mugwort
*Legends about oak
*Legends about osha root
*Legends about sage
*Legends about spruce
*Legends about stinging nettles
*Legends about sweetgrass
*Legends about tobacco
*Legends about yarrow
*Legends about yerba santa
*Legends about yew
*Legends about yucca

Native American Herb Gods and Spirits

Gwelab'hot (Penobscot)
Sweet Root (Cheyenne)

Native American Legends About Herbs

*Arrowhead Finger:
    Penobscot legend about a medicine spirit child born from a swallowed herb.
How Bear Became Keeper of the Medicines:
    Mi'kmaq legend about Bear's journey to bring healing herbs to the people.
*The Gift of Tobacco:
    Abenaki myth about the origins of tobacco as a medicine plant.
*Herbal Medicine:
    Audio recordings of a Cree elder relating traditional beliefs about herbalism.
*The Sacred Weed * A Tobacco Legend:
    Blackfoot legends about the gift of the sacred herb tobacco.

Recommended Books of Herb Stories from Native American Myth and Legend
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Native Plant Stories:
    Excellent collection of Native American folklore about plants and herbs, by Abenaki storyteller Joseph Bruchac.
Song of the Seven Herbs:
    Native American stories for kids about the meaning of various Native American herbs and flowers.
Plants of Power: Native American Ceremony and the Use of Sacred Plants:
    Interesting book about the importance of herbs and native plants to traditional Native American spirituality.
Herbalogy of North America:
    Encyclopedia of American Indian herbs and what they have historically been used for.
Nature's Weeds, Native Medicine:
    Book by a part-Native American woman on the various tribal traditions regarding native herbs.
Native American Medicinal Plants:
    Comprehensive book on the names and traditional uses of herbs throughout Native North America.

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