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Native American Ice Mythology

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about ice.

Native American Ice Gods and Spirits

Flint (Iroquois)
*Kee-wakw (Abenaki)
*Chenoo (Mi'kmaq)
*Ice cannibals (Northern tribes)
*Windego (Anishinabe)
Wihtikow (Cree)

Native American Legends About Ice

*The Ice Man:
    Cherokee legend about an ice spirit who put out a forest fire.
Fox Plays a Trick * How the Bear Lost His Tail:
    Algonquian legends about animals trying to go ice fishing with their tails.
*Snow Boy:
    Lenape myth about the spirit of snow and ice.

Recommended Books of Ice Stories from Native American Myth and Legend

Voices from the Ice:
    A historical fiction novel for children based on Ojibway legends of ice spirits.

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