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Native American Legends and Stories About Medicine

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about medicine.

Native American Medicine Gods and Spirits

Kelphit (Penobscot)
Pains (California tribes)
*Piai (Carib)
Sweet Medicine (Cheyenne)

Legends About Medicine

*Origin of Disease and Medicine * The Origin of Medicine:
    Cherokee legends about how medicine herbs came to the people.
*Arrowhead Finger and the Medicine Root:
    Penobscot legend about Gwelahb'hot, the father of medicine.
How Bear Became Keeper of the Medicines:
    Mi'kmaq legend about Bear's journey to bring herbal medicine to the people.
A Medicine Story of Manabush:
    Myth about the Menominee culture hero bringing medicine bags and the Medicine Dance to the people.
*How Medicine Man Resurrected Buffalo:
    Arapaho legend about a medicine man who saved his people from starvation.
*Crow Necklace And His Medicine Ceremony:
    The story of a Gros Ventre warrior earning medicine power.
Bear Medicine Story:
    Dene legend about a man who hibernated with a bear and received a special gift of bear-hunting medicine.
*The Sacred Weed * Tobacco Medicine Legend:
    Blackfoot legends about medicine dreams teaching the people to smoke tobacco.
*Beaver Medicine Spirit * The Story of Two Brothers:
    Blackfoot medicine stories about animals that saved unjustly accused men and gave magic powers to them.
*Sweet Medicine Myth:
    Cheyenne legend about a magical medicine child.
*The Great Medicine Dance:
    Cheyenne tale about the Creator teaching a medicine man the mysteries of the Sundance.
*Legend of the Crazy Dog Society:
    Blackfoot myth about magical Little People who teach powerful war medicine to a brave boy.
*The Sun Dance Wheel:
    History and mythology of the Arapaho medicine wheel.
*Chief Roman Nose Loses His Medicine:
    Lakota Sioux legend about the death of a Plains Indian chief.
* The Power Of Buffalo And Bear:
    Caddo legends about the origin and powers of bear and buffalo medicine.
*The Origin Of The Medicine-Men:
    Caddo legends about the first medicine men and their powers.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Song of the Seven Herbs:
    Native American stories for kids about the traditional uses of various North American medicinal plants.
Plants of Power: Native American Ceremony and the Use of Sacred Plants:
    Interesting book about the importance of American Indian medicine plants to traditional spirituality.
Native American Medicinal Plants:
    Comprehensive book on the names and traditional uses of medicine herbs throughout Native North America.

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