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Native American Places of Myth and Legend

Sacred and Mythological Native American Places

*The Big Sand (Gros Ventre Indian place)
*Blomidon (Abenaki Indian place)
*Sand Hills (Arapaho Indian place)
*Skeleton House (Hopi Indian place)

Native American Places In Tribal Mythology

Stories about mountains
Stories about lakes
Stories about rivers
Stories about waterfalls
Stories about oceans
Stories about islands
Stories about forests
Stories about swamps
Stories about the land of the dead

Native American Legends About Places

*Pamola, A Penobscot Legend: * Of the Girl Who Married Mount Katahdin:
    Penobscot stories about the spirit of Mount Katahdin.
*How Glooscap Made Sugarloaf Mountain:
    Mi'kmaq story about the creation of Sugarloaf Mountain.
*Thunder Mountain:
    Potawatomi legend about the creation of Chequah Bikwaki mountain.
*Chief Mountain:
    Blackfoot legend about the origin of Chief Mountain.
Gluskabe and the Monster Frog:
    How the culture hero Gluskabe created the Penobscot River to distribute water to all people.
*Myth of the Transformer:
    Abenaki legend about the creation of Lake Champlain.
*Origin of Clear Lake:
    A Patwin legend about how Clear Lake was formed.
*Nanabozho and the Great Serpent:
    Chippewa story about the Lake of Spirits (Manitou Lake.)
*O-bawb-ika lake story:
    Algonquin Indian legends about a haunted lake.

Recommended Books of Stories about Native American Indian Places
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*The Way to Make Perfect Mountains:
    Collection of legends from many tribes about the origins of Native American sacred mountains.
Go Home, River:
    Children's book by an Alaska Native author illustrating an Inupiat child learning traditional lessons about the river.
*The Legend of Mackinac Island:
    Picture book based on Ojibwe and Potawatomi myths about the origin of Mackinac Island.

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