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Native American Stories About Pride

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about pride.

Legends About Pride

Raccoon and the Waterfall:
    Abenaki story about Azban the Raccoon paying the price for his pride.
*The Mother of Serpents:
    Passamaquoddy stories about an overly-proud woman giving birth to the first snakes.
*The Owl Husband:
    Passamaquoddy story of a haughty girl who rejects all her suitors and ends up the wife of Owl.
Why Opossum's Tail is Bare:
    Cherokee legend about Opossum being punished for his pride.
*Turtle Plays Football:
    Maliseet legend about the culture hero Glooskap teaching his prideful uncle a lesson.
Glooscap and the Baby * Gluskabe and Dzeedzeez:
    Legends about the a baby teaching the Wabanaki culture hero Glooskap not to be so proud.
How the Gopher Raced with the Runners of K'iákime:
    Zuni legend about a wise gopher punishing a proud tribe by defeating them in a running race.
*The Legend of Spirit Rock:
    Menominee legend about a man who was punished for his pride by turning into a rock.
*The Dream Fast * The Boy Who Became A Robin:
    Ojibwe legends about a father who lost his son through pride.
*An Opossum Becomes Disliked Because of His Pretty Tail:
    Fox Indian legend about an opossum punished for his pride and rude behavior.
*The Pretty Maiden * The Good Looking Woman:
    Lenape legends about a girl punished for her haughtiness.
*The Warrior and the Eagle:
    Lenape legend about an eagle-catcher punished for his pride.
*Fish-Hawk and the Sun's Daughter:
    California Indian legend about Osprey punishing Sun for his pride.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends

Raccoon's Last Race:
    Children's book illustrating an Abenaki legend about Raccoon paying the price for his pride and untrustworthiness.
Mwakwa Talks to the Loon:
    Picture book illustrating a Cree legend about a gifted hunter who becomes too proud and must ask for Loon's help in restoring balance.
The Frog Princess:
    Picture book of a Tlingit folktale about an overly-proud girl who ended up marrying a frog.
The Opossum's Tale:
    Children's book illustrating a Cherokee legend about a proud opossum learning a lesson.
Great Rabbit and the Long-Tailed Wildcat:
    Children's book illustrating an Algonquin legend about Wildcat being punished for his proud boasting.
Heetunka's Harvest:
    Children's storybook based on a Dakota legend about a woman who was too proud to treat a mouse respectfully.

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