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Native American Stories About The Treatment Of Prisoners

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about prisoners.

Legends About Prisoners

*Arrowhead Finger:
    Legend about a Penobscot girl taken captive by the Mohawks.
*The Loyal Sweetheart:
    Passamaquoddy story about a war party rewarded for treating a captive girl honorably.
*The Kidnapping of Glooskap's Family * A Wizard Carries Off Glooscap's Housekeeper * Glooskap and Winpe:
    Three versions of a Mi'kmaq legend in which a giant captures the family of the culture hero Glooskap. Note that
    Glooskap only kills the giant (and/or his son) in the two versions in which he has poorly treated his captives.
*Crow Necklace And His Medicine Ceremony:
    Interesting story of a warrior's loyalty to the tribe that captured and raised him.
*Little Friend Coyote:
    Blackfoot story about a coyote who helped a Piegan widow escape from cruel captors.

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