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Native American Stories About Being A Good Provider

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about providing for one's family.

Legends About Being A Good Provider

*Turtle Gets A Whale:
    Maliseet legend in which bumbling Uncle Turtle tries to learn how to provide for his family, with many entertaining mishaps.
The Lazy Rabbit:
    Mi'kmaq legend in which Rabbit learns to be a better provider for his family and guests.
The Hungry Fox and the Boastful Suitor:
    Iroquois legend about Fox making a fool out of a man who is too full of himself to be a good provider.
*Frog and Rabbit:
    Cree folktale in which Owl frightens Rabbit into providing meat to his wife as he should.
The Badger and the Bear:
    Lakota legend about a hard-working provider defended from a villainous bear by a spirit warrior.
*How the Indians Obtained Dogs:
    Cree story about a hunter trying to provide for his family who received the gift of the first dog.
*Blood Clot Boy * Kut-o'-yis:
    Blackfoot legends about a man punished for refusing to provide for his parents-in-law.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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The Sea Monster's Secret:
    Picture book based on Tlingit legends about a man who turns into a sea monster in order to feed his village.

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