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Native American Stories About Recklessness

One of the most common character flaws exhibited by Native American trickster figures is recklessness, or acting without thinking things through. Invariably this gets the tricksters into trouble.

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Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about recklessness.

Legends About Recklessness

How Wolverine Was Frozen * How Master Lox Froze To Death:
    Wabanaki legends about Loks the Wolverine recklessly overusing his magical powers.
The Rabbit and the Elk:
    Sioux story about Rabbit getting into trouble by recklessly throwing out possessions before he has found replacements.
*Why the Buffalo Has a Hump:
    Chippewa Indian legend about Buffalo being punished for his recklessness.
    Oral history from a Cree elder illustrating the dangers of reckless hunting.
*Veeho's Eyeballs * The Eye Juggler:
    Cheyenne legends about the trickster recklessly ignoring instructions and ending up losing his eyes.
*Coyote Becomes A Buffalo:
    Caddo legend about Coyote recklessly misusing Buffalo medicine.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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*The Growing Rock: A Native American Tale:
    Picture book based on a Miwok legend about Crow learning to think before making decisions.

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