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Native American Stories About Revenge

Revenge is most often presented neutrally in Native American folklore. It is just something that people who have been wronged will sometimes be observed to do. Some traditional Native American legends tell the stories of people or animals whose vengeance is out of proportion to the original wrongdoing (for example, taking murderous revenge over a verbal insult.) In those cases, the act of revenge is portrayed much more negatively.

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Native American Revenge Spirits

Kanaimà (Carib)
Rolling Heads (Plains Indian)

Legends About Revenge

*The Girl-Chenoo:
    Mi'kmaq legend about a rejected suitor who used evil magic to revenge himself on the woman.
*The Loyal Sweetheart:
    Passamaquoddy story about a girl who talks her fiance out of an act of angry revenge.
*Great Serpent and the Great Flood:
    Chippewa story about Nanabozho seeking revenge against a water monster that killed his cousin.
*Manabus Plays Lacrosse:
    Menominee legends of how the culture hero avenged his brother's death at a lacrosse match.
Trickster's Great Fall and Revenge:
    Menominee legend about Manabozho taking revenge on Buzzard for his deceitful tricks.
*An Opossum Becomes Disliked Because of His Pretty Tail:
    Fox Indian legend about a skunk taking revenge on a vain opossum.
*A Widow�s Revenge:
    Mohican legend about a woman who brought her husband's murderers to justice.
The Offended Heron:
    Algonquin Indian legend about a heron's revenge on a wolf who had insulted him.
*The Deserted Children:
    Gros Ventre legend about two abandoned children who gained magical powers and took revenge on their cruel relatives.
Iyash's Betrayal * Ayas * The Jealous Father:
    Cree and Ojibwe legends about an epic hero who takes revenge on his treacherous father and stepmother.
*Flying Wonder:
    Cree legend about a witch taking the form of a raven to take revenge on his inlaws.
*The Revenge of the Mountain Goats:
    Cree legend about a tribe of mountain goat spirits who revenge themselves on a group of cruel hunters.
*The Foundling Who Was Befriended By Wolves:
    Legend about a wolf pack that helps a Cree man take revenge on a sister-in-law who betrayed him.
*Blood Clot Boy * Kut-o'-yis:
    Blackfoot saga of the hero Blood Clot Boy, who avenges two elders mistreated by their son-in-law.
*Coyote Goes Fishing:
    Caddo legend about a man who takes revenge on Coyote.

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