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Native American River Mythology

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about rivers.

Native American River Gods and Spirits

Maymaygwayshi (Anishinabe)
*Unagemes (Wabanaki)

Native American Legends About Rivers

Gluskabe and the Monster Frog:
    How the culture hero Gluskabe created the Penobscot River to distribute water to all people.
*The Lost Boy:
    Delaware legend about a boy who married a river spirit.
The Creation of the World:
    Gros Ventre myth about the first springs and streams coming from the Creator's tears.
*Dotson'Sa, Great Raven Makes The World:
    An Athabaskan myth telling how Raven made the first river.

Recommended Books of River Stories from Native American Myth and Legend
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Go Home, River:
    Children's book by an Alaska Native author illustrating an Inupiat child learning traditional lessons about the river.
*Sacred Water: The Spiritual Source of Life * The Waters of Life: The Facts and the Fables:
    Two interesting books on the role of rivers and other water in world mythology and spirituality.

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