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Native American Star Mythology

Stars are also used as a clan symbol in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Star Clans include the Ottawa tribe (whose Star Clan is named Anang.)

Native American Star Gods and Spirits

Fisher Star (Anishinabe)
*Morning Star (
*The Sky Beings (Blackfoot)
Sohu Kachina (Hopi)
Splinter-Foot Woman (Arapaho)
*The Star-Boy (Blackfoot)

Native American Legends About Stars

*Women Who Married Star Husbands * The Girls Who Wished to Marry Stars * The Adventures of Two Water Fairies Who Were Also Weasels:
    Mi'kmaq and Chippewa Indian legends about women who married two stars.
    South American Indian legend about a stingy woman who became a lone star.
*How Fisher Went to the Sky Land:
    Ojibwe legend about the Big Dipper.
*They That Chase After The Bear (A Star Story) * Chasing the Bear:
    Fox legend about the origin of the constellations.
*Waupee and the Star Maiden * White Hawk * The Star Maidens and the Corona Borealis:
    Shawnee legends about a man who married a star.
*The Seven Wise Men:
    Lenape myth about the origin of the Pleiades.
*Splinter Foot Girl:
    Arapaho Indian legend about a mythical girl and her family who escape to the sky and become stars.
    Cheyenne story about a woman who married the Morning Star and gave birth to a star hero.
*The Girl Who Married A Dog:
    Cheyenne legend about the mother of the Pleiades.
*The Quillwork Girl and her Seven Brothers:
    Cheyenne myth about the origin of the Big Dipper constellation.
*The Hunting of the Great Bear:
    Cayuga legend about four hunters, a dog, and a bear who turned into stars.
*Coyote Regulates Life After Death:
    Caddo legend about the stars and the afterlife.
*The Lazy Boys Who Became The Pleiades:
    Caddo star myth about the origin of the Pleiades.
*Evening-Star and Orphan-Star:
    Caddo legend about an abandoned boy becoming a star.
*The Girl Who Had Power To Call The Buffalo:
    Caddo legend about a star girl who had buffalo power.

Recommended Books of Star Stories from Native American Myth and Legend
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They Dance in the Sky: Native American Star Myths: * Stars of the First People: Native American Constellation and Star Myths:
    Two excellent collections of traditional star legends from a variety of tribes.
Coyote and the Sky: How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Began:
    Charming children's book by a Pueblo author illustrating a traditional legend about the origin of the stars.
How The Stars Fell Into The Sky:
    A lovely picture book illustrating the Navajo version of the myth about the creation of the stars.
Coyote In Love With A Star:
    Excellent modern retelling of a classic Prairie Indian folktale, told by a Potawatomi author.
How Spirit Dog Made The Milky Way * The Story of the Milky Way:
    Picture books based on a Cherokee legend about a dog that spilled the stars.
Coyote Places the Stars:
    Children's book depicting a Wasco Indian legend about the origin of constellations.
Keepers of the Night: Native American Stories and Nocturnal Activities for Children:
    Excellent collection of Native legends about the night sky, with teaching activities for classroom use.

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