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Native American Stories About Stubbornness

In American horror movies, the audience can often tell who is going to soon become the victim of a monster-- more often than not, it is either the most skeptical character who loudly denies the existence of monsters, or the young lady who behaves most promiscuously. In Native American legends, the victim in a horror or ghost story is most often a character who stubbornly refuses to listen to the advice of other people or animals, especially elders or family members that they should have been paying attention to.

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Legends About Stubbornness

An Abenaki Witch Story:
    In this Abenaki story, a man stubbornly ignores his wife's advice and is killed by a ghost witch.
*The Stubborn Girl:
    Lenape legend about a stubborn young girl punished for pestering a dog.
*When Tcikabis Trapped The Sun:
    Atikamekw legend about the stubborn trickster Tcikabis getting into more trouble.

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