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Native American Stories About Losing One's Temper

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about losing one's temper.

Legends About A Bad Temper

How Lox Told A Lie: * Lox the Mischief-Maker: * How Lox Deceived The Ducks:
    Wabanaki legends in which the foul-tempered character Lox the Wolverine flies into a rage and harms himself or others.
    (The ending of the third story is abbreviated, but according to most tellings Wolverine's younger brother is his only loved one,
    so killing his brother in a fit of temper over something as trivial as a bit of bear grease is a tragic ending for him.)
*Which One Do You Feed?:
    Lenape fable about overcoming a bad temper.
*Why Curlew Has A Crooked Bill:
    Blackfoot story about Old-Man's bad temper getting him into trouble.
*The Man With A Bad Temper:
    A Warrau legend from South America about a man who lost his magical wife by mistreating her.

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