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Native American Stories About Women

Here is our collection of Native American legends and traditional stories about women.

Women in the Folklore of Various Tribes

Changing Woman (Navajo)
Feather Woman (Blackfoot)
First Mother (Wabanaki)
First Woman (Navajo)
Fox Old Woman (Anishinabe/Cree)
Grandmother Woodchuck (Wabanaki)
Granny Squant (Wampanoag)
Kokyangwuti (Hopi)
*Komorkis (Blackfoot)
Lelawala (Iroquois)
Mouse Woman (Haida)
Nogami (Mi'kmaq)
Nokomis (Anishinabe)
*Old Lady (Blackfoot)
Our Grandmother (Shawnee)
Oochigeas (Mi'kmaq)
Sedna (Inuit)
Selu (Cherokee)
Spider-Woman (Navajo)
Splinter Foot Girl (Arapaho)
Stuwi (Arikara)
Whirlwind Woman (Sioux)
White Buffalo Calf Woman (Sioux)
Woman Chief (Seneca)

Legends About Women

*The First Men and Women Marry:
    Blackfeet myth about how women first chose their husbands.
*Men and Women Try Living Apart:
    Humorous Sia Pueblo legend about why the sexes need each other.
*How Men and Women Were Made:
    Blackfoot legend about the creation of men and women, and why they turned out differently.
*Old Man and Old Woman * Woman Chooses Death * The Origin of Death:
    Blackfoot legends about the first man and the first woman arguing about the nature of life and death.
*Old Man and the Women:
    Blackfoot legend about how men and women came to live together.
*The Pretty Maiden * The Good Looking Woman:
    Lenape legends about a beautiful woman punished for her rude behavior.

Recommended Books of Related Native American Legends
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Mermaids and Medicine Women:
    Excellent collection of Ojibwe folktales about mermaids and other supernatural women, told by a Native author.

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