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Native American Little People of Myth and Legend

Native American Little People from Various Tribes

Akeki (California Indian sprites)
Apci'lnic (Innu little people)
*Atosee (Alabama little people)
*Black Imps (Achumawi Indian little people)
*Bohpoli (Choctaw little people)
Cannibal Dwarves (Arapaho Indian little people)
*Gahongas (Iroquois Indian little people)
Halfway People (Mi'kmaq Indian little people)
Kiwolatomuhsis (Maliseet Indian little people)
*Kowi Anukasha (Choctaw little people)
Little Giver (Seminole Indian little person)
Lampeqin (Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Indian little people)
*Lost Elves (Caddo little people)
Makiawisug (Mohegan Indian little people)
Memengwesi (Anishinabe Indian little people)
Mikumwess (Wabanaki Indian little people)
Mikumwesu (Maliseet Indian little person)
Manogames (Wabanaki Indian little people)
*Mialuka (Omaha little people)
Monkey People (Ahtna Indian little people)
Nagumwasuk (Passamaquoddy Indian little people)
Nibiinaabe (Ojibway Indian little people)
Nikommo (Wampanoag Indian little people)
Nimerigar (Shoshone Indian little people)
*Nirumbee (Crow little people)
*Nunne'hi (Cherokee little people)
Paisa (Miami Indian little people)
Pukwudgie (Algonquian Indian little people)
Squannit (Wampanoag Indian little people)
*Tonop (Tunica little people)
*Water Babies (Western Indian sprites)
Wematekan'is (Lenape Indian little people)
Wiklatmuj (Mi'kmaq Indian little people)
Wild Indians (Catawba Indian little people)
*Woods Elf (Sioux little people)
*Yunwi Tsunsdi (Cherokee little people)

Native American Little People Stories

*The Little People Story * Makiawisug, the Little People:
    Stories about a Mohegan woman who was rewarded for helping one of the Little People.
    Cherokee Indian stories about the Little People.
The Little Creatures of Caprice Ensnare the Sun:
    A Fox Indian story about little people who inadvertantly trap the sun.
*The Wolf, the Fox, the Bobcat and the Cougar:
    Legend about four animal spirits that helped the Shoshone-Bannocks defeat the warlike Little People.
*The Master of Night:
    Menominee legend about a mythical little person who brings sleep to humans.
*Wematekan'is and the Hunter * Che-py-yah-poo-thwah:
    Lenape Little People mythology.
*Nihancan and the Dwarf's Arrow:
    Legend about an Arapaho Indian dwarf teaching a trickster a lesson.
*Nikommo and Hobbamock:
    Nipmuc and Narragansett Little People myths.
*Legend of the Crazy Dog Society:
    Blackfoot Little People legend about a brave boy learning powerful Coyote medicine.
*Catawba Little People Pick On Children:
    Catawba stories and traditions about the Yehasuri.

Recommended Books about Little People in Native American Mythology

The Deetkatoo:
    Great collection of traditional Native American little people folklore from 14 different tribes.
Cherokee Little People: A Native American Tale:
    Picture book based on traditional Cherokee Indian little-people legends.

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