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Algonquin dictionary

Q: Is there an Algonquin Dictionary avalable - online or in print ?

Thank You

A: There are a few Algonquin vocabulary pages linked from For a real dictionary, this book is good, but it's out of print and can be hard to find. It's also only Algonquin-English, so that's not so good if you don't know any Algonquin yet. You might do best of all with an Ojibwe dictionary, which are cheap and easily available. Algonquin is extremely close to Ojibwe--it's like Spanish and Italian--the people can understand much of each other's speech. You can certainly use an Ojibwe word to pretty easily look up the Algonquin word in the Algonquin-English dictionary. Here's a good Ojibwe dictionary very inexpensively.

Hope that helps, good luck!
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