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Algonquin and what year did they move

Q: What year did the Algonquins move to New York State? The 1830's?

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A: I'm sorry, but your question doesn't make sense. First, the Algonquin Indians do not live in New York State. They live in Canada (Ontario and Quebec).

On the other hand, there are many ALGONQUIAN tribes in New York State, particularly Lenape, Wappinger, and Mohican tribes. (The Algonquin Indians are only one tribe of the group that anthropolgists have called "Algonquian" Indians. This is a common source of confusion.) However, your question still doesn't make any sense because those Algonquian tribes were already living in New York State when Europeans arrived here and encountered them. So they never "moved" to New York; they were already there.

Hope that clears a few things up!
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