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Boarding school policy days

Q: Hello ! I have 2 questions :

Why amerindian languages were deliberately destroyed in North America ?
What is the US boarding-school-policy days ?

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A: The boarding-school policy was that Indian children could be removed from their parents' homes, without the parents' consent, and sent to (usually religious) boarding school many miles away, without the parents' consent. This happened in both the US and Canada. Of course, since Indian languages were forbidden at the schools and the children were beaten if they used them, this contributed to language loss.

The languages were deliberately destroyed because the government wished to assimilate the Indians and felt that eliminating native languages and religions would be the best way to do that. Many of the people involved had good intentions. They really believed that Indian people would be better off if they gave up their heritage and adopted the English language, Christianity, and white culture. Other people were just racists and wanted to exploit the Indians for cheap labor. Regardless of their intentions, these policies have had devastating results by ripping apart the Indian family. The children had mental and emotional problems, trouble forming relationships later in life and the rate of suicide and drug use among the Indian population went up incredibly. Children should never be taken away from their families this way. The Canadian government has officially apologized for this terrible policy, the US government not yet.

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