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Q: HI! I'm full blooded Crow. I was adopted when I was one year old. I have a question : Are there any audio tapes or someone who is willing to help record the language onto an audio tape or something for me. I am so interested in finding out this language for so long. Thank you!

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A: Thanks for writing. Unfortunately I do not know of any commercially available Crow language learning materials at all. I know one Crow speaker, but I am pretty sure he's not interested in creating language lesson tapes.

Probably the best bet for you to contact would be the Little Big Horn College ( You could also ask the Crow Tribe ( Be sure to mention that you're an adoptee. If there are any language tapes or learning books available, one of those sources would know about it.

If you are able to find someone who sells Crow language materials through one of these channels, please write back to let me know, so that I can direct other people who ask about this to the proper place.

Good luck!
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