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Q: Not that you have many spare moments, but if you do. I was once told that "eeyakeechayla" is "I love you" in the language of the Sioux. Is this even remotely close to correct, or have I been laboring under a misconception?

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A: Hmm, that looks like it could be a slightly corrupted form of the word Iyakiciyuha (pronounced ee-ya-kee-chee-yoo-khah) in Lakota Sioux. That means "they are attached to each other." If you wanted to say "we are attached to each other," though, you'd have to say Iyaweciyuha, which doesn't sound as much like what you heard anymore.

A more common way to say "I love you" in Lakota Sioux is Tecihila (pronounced tay-chee-hee-lah), though, which means simply "I love you." Or if you're feeling more poetic, Cantecikiya (pronounced chawn-tay-chee-kee-yah), which means "my heart is inspired by you." Iyakiciyuha isn't all that romantic. It can refer to a close friendship or to being romantically attached, but it can also refer to horses being yoked together.

Hope that helps, have a good day!
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