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The Name Iottsitíson

Q: My friend and I are both Iroquois but we don't speak our languages. We were playing the game "Assassin's Creed 3" and the hero's mother, who is Mohawk, told a story about a woman named Iottsitison. We couldn't find this name anywhere online. My friend says it is Sky Woman. But I looked on your website which says "sky" is "karonya" and "woman" is "yakon:kwe," so I say it can't be Sky Woman. Who is right?

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A: You both are! You are correct that "Iottsitison" does not literally mean "Sky Woman." Its literal meaning is "mature flower." (More often it is spelled Iotsitsisonh or Iotsitsisen.) But this is indeed one of the Mohawk names of the mythological figure Sky Woman.

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