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The Name Naira

Q: I'm pregnant since 30 weeks and we want to choose a Quechua name because I have indigenous blood from Peru, but I do not speak Quechua, so can you please tell me, does Naira mean "big eyes" in Quechua? If we choose such a name we definitely want to know the correct meaning.

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A: I'm sorry, but it doesn't have that meaning in Quechua. "Big eyed" is nyawisapa in Quechua. There isn't even an "ai" sound in the Quechua language, so this definitely is not a Quechua word. The source of this name is probably the Aymara word nayra (pronounced nye-rah, also spelled naira in Spanish) which means "eye."

However, since there are also indigenous Aymara people in Peru, this name may still be a suitable one for your family!

Hope that helps, best wishes!
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