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Ottawa Blessing

Q: Can you help me? Although we are from England, my son and his fiancee are getting married in Ottawa on Wednesday. I believe the eagle's feather will be passed around, and when I receive the feather I would dearly like to give a speech in Native American. I believe Algonquin is a local language and I was rather hoping if you could let me have a wedding blessing or prayer that I could say, notwithstanding a dreadful accent!!

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A: We wouldn't be able to compose a speech for you on such short notice, but perhaps you could say "Mnwaabmewziwin" (pronounced similar to min-wahb-mayo-zih-win, with "mayo" pronounced all as one syllable.) That means "good luck" in the Odawa language, which is the Algonquian language most local to Ottawa.

Congratulations on your son's marriage!
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