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Toni Moro

Q: Dear Sirs, In the movie Chisum, John Wayne refers to "a lonely wind". I do not know how to spell the words in Comanche, but here goes: Toni Moro? Please advise how to spell this. I would like to name a wolf hybrid this due to her nature.

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A: It was spelled "Tahnee Mara" in the script, but as far as I know it's not actually a Native American name-- it was just made up for the movie. In those days they didn't really go around and find a speaker of a Native American language to help them make movies the way they did with "Windtalkers" or "Dances With Wolves." Instead, the writers usually just made up names and phrases on their own. As far as I know that's what happened there. "Tahnee Mara" was said to mean "lonesome wind" in that movie, but I don't know of any language in which that is true, and it's definitely not true in Comanche or Apache.

It sounds pretty, though, so as long as you knew you were naming her after a John Wayne movie and not a Native American word, I don't think your dog will mind.

Have a good day!
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