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Q: In the "olden days" when I used to read about Native Americans in Germany they used to mention that Indian women were wearing the dress, and I do not remember what they called the dress. Not buckskin dress, etc, What is the term for this dress????

P.S. I went to the Seattle POW WOW yesterday; it was fabulous

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A: Usually it is buckskin dresses that foreigners write about, but there are other traditional kinds of dresses, of course. If you've been to a powwow you might have seen some of them: Cherokee tear dresses, ribbon dresses, blanket dresses, applique skirts, and Seminole patchwork dresses are some examples. If you can describe what the dresses looked like, or tell me what tribe the books were written about (and what time period), I might be able to make a more educated guess. Were they cloth dresses, I assume (since not buckskin)?

Q: Ok, I mean the term like a sweat suit, a pants suit.

A: I don't know of any Native American tribes that have traditional women's clothes anything like a sweat suit or pants suit. But in some of the northern Athabaskan tribes of Alaska and Canada, women wear fur pants and a tunic. Here is a picture of an Athabaskan woman wearing this kind of suit. Could this be what you're thinking of?

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