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The Name Zincatowee

Q: I met a young woman at a powwow, she is Lakota Sioux and she said her name was [first name] Zincatowee. Stupid me, I lost her phone number that she gave to me. I thought Zincatowee was her last name but my Sioux friend said it's her name in Sioux. I don't know how to find out her English last name and neither does my friend. Can you tell me what her last name could be in English? I would be grateful forever.

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A: There's no way of guessing someone's American last name from their Indian name, any more than you could guess someone's last name from their English first name. "Zincatowee" is probably Zintkatowin, which means "blue bird woman." This would be her personal given name in Lakota, not a surname or translation of her English last name. You could try searching on social media for the spelling Zintkatowin, or also some variant spellings like Zintka-To-Win, Zintkathowin, Zintkatowi, Zitkatowi, or Zitkatowin, or possibly Zintkala-to-win or Zitkalatowin, and see if you can find her this way. Otherwise, your only option is probably to go to another nearby powwow and start asking after her.

Good luck!
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