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Mapuche Indian Language (Mapudungun, Araucano)

Language: The Mapuche language, or Mapudungun, is an Araucanian language of Chile and Argentina. Mapudungun is one of the major indigenous languages of South America, with 150,000 native speakers and half a million Mapuche people who speak some of the language. However, since Mapudungun is not taught in schools and many children are not learning it at home, the language is considered threatened. Mapuche is an agglutinating language with complex verbs and fairly free word order

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Names: The tribal name Mapuche means "people of the land," and Mapudungun means "Mapuche language" or "language of the land." Since Mapudungun is traditionally an unwritten language and there are differences in dialect, these names can sometimes be spelled several different ways, such as Mapunche, Mapudungu, Mapuzungun, or Mapunzugun. In the past, Mapuche people were also known as "Araucanos," after the place name Arauco. However, today most people prefer the name Mapuche.

Mapuche Language
Mapuche language samples and resources.

Mapuche Culture and History
Information and links about the Mapuche tribe past and present.

Mapuche Language Resources

Our Online Mapuche Materials

Mapuche Words
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Mapuche language.
Mapuche Animal Words:
    Illustrated glossary of animal words in the Mapuche language.

Mapuche Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

Indigenous People of Argentina and Chile:
    Map showing where in South America the Mapuche language is spoken.
The Mapuche Language
     Article on Mapudungan with pronunciation guide and some grammar.
Diccionario Mapudungun:
    Online Spanish-Mapudungun glossary, with some audio clips of spoken words.
Human Rights: Mapudungun (Mapuzgun):
    Translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the Mapuche language.
Mapudungun Dictionary:
    Online Mapudungun/Spanish/English dictionary lookup.
Freelang Mapuche Dictionary:
    Free downloadable wordlist of the Mapuche language.
Mapuche Prayers: * Lor's Prayer in Araucano:
    Mapuche translation of the Hail Mary Prayer.
Language Museum: Mapudungun:
    Bible passage in the Mapudungun language.
Bible Verses: Mapudungun:
    Mapuche translation of several Biblical passages.
Chilean Placenames:
     Chart of indigenous placenames in the Mapudungun and Kaweskar languages.
House of Languages: Mapudungu:
     Information about Mapudungu language usage.
Ethnologue: Mapudungun:
    Demographic information about the Mapudungun/Mapuche language.
Mapudungu Language Tree:
    Theories about Mapuche's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Mapudungun Language Structures:
    Mapudungun linguistic profile and academic bibliography.
Glossario Mapudunguyu-Espanol * Diccionario Araucano * Mapuche-Castellano:
     Spanish-Mapuche glossaries and wordlists.

Mapuche Dictionaries, Audio Tapes and Language Resources
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Ul: Four Mapuche Poets
     Anthology of poetry in Mapudungun with English translation.
Diccionario ilustrado Mapudungun
     Spanish-English-Mapuche language dictionary for sale.
Mapuche-Spanish Dictionary * Diccionario Mapuche
     Spanish-Mapuche dictionaries for sale online.
American Indian Language Dictionaries:
    Mapuche and other Native American dictionaries and language materials for sale.

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Links, References, and Additional Information

OLAC: Mapudungun:
Reference list of Mapuche language materials.
Wikipedia: Mapudungun:
Encyclopedia articles on the Mapuche language.
Mapudungu * Idioma Mapuche:
Information about the Mapudungun language in Spanish.
Mapuche links.
Mapuche Tribe:
Mapuche Indian books.

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