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Metis Culture and History

As a complement to our Michif language information, we would like to share our collection of indexed links about the Metis people and various aspects of their society. The emphasis of these pages is on American Indians as a living people with a present and future as well as a past. Metis history is interesting and important, but the Metis are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern writers as well as traditional folklore, contemporary artwork as well as archaeology exhibits, and the issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome.

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Metis Community Links

Métis National Council:
    Political body representing Metis people in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.
Metis National Youth Advisory Council:
    Organization addressing the needs, concerns and issues facing the youth of the Métis Nation.
Metis Nation of Ontario * Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association:
    The Metis people of Ontario.
Manitoba Metis Federation:
    The Metis people of Manitoba.
Metis Nation of Saskatchewan:
    The Metis people of Saskatchewan.
Metis Nation of Alberta:
    The Metis people of Alberta.
Metis Provincial Council of British Columbia:
    The Metis people of British Columbia.
North Slave Metis Alliance:
    The Metis people of the Northwest Territories.
We Are Montana Metis:
    Metis people in North Dakota and Montana.
The Labrador Metis Nation * Labrador Métis * Innu Reaction to the Labrador Metis Nation:
    Labrador people of mixed Indian, Inuit, and European lineage.
Metis Resource Centre:
    Programs and information to help preserve the culture and history of the Metis.
The Other Metis:
    Information about Métis people everywhere in North America.
Michif Cultural Society:
    Contact information only.
Vancouver Metis Association:
    Community group encouraging Metis pride in British Columbia and throughout Canada.
Tony Belcourt:
    Homepage of the elected leader of the Metis Nation of Ontario.
Metis Man:
    Homepage of a Saskatchewan Metis with cultural information, maps, and links.

Books for sale on the Metis People
Our organization earns a commission from any book bought through these links

A Language of Our Own:
    The genesis of Michif, by linguist Peter Bakker.
In Search of April Raintree:
    Semi-autobiographical novel by Beatrice Mosionier about the travails of Metis children in white foster homes.
Spirit of the White Bison * Unusual Friendships * In the Shadow of Evil:
    Other books by Mosionier.
    Maria Campbell's wrenching autobiography.
Spirit Moves:
    Six generations of a Metis woman's family history.
Sojourners and Sundogs * Bobbi Lee: Indian Rebel * I Am Woman:
    My Home As I Remember * Bent Box * Daughters Are Forever * Ravensong:
    Books by feminist Metis author Lee Maracle.
A Tortured People * Prison of Grass:
    Native Canadian history from Metis activist Howard Adams.
Strange Empire: Narrative of the Northwest * Louis David Riel * The False Traitor * Louis Riel:
    Collected Writings of Louis Riel * Riel and the Rebellion: 1885 Reconsidered * Loyal Till Death:
    Books about Louis Riel and the Northwest Rebellion.
New Peoples:
    Being and becoming Métis in North America.
Battle for the Soul:
    Evangelism and the Metis.
A Gathering of Rivers:
    Indians, Metis, and mining in the Western Great Lakes.
Native American Literature:
    Evolving list of books about North American indigenous people in general.

Metis Lifestyle and Tradition

Metis Resource Centre:
    Wealth of online information on the culture and history of the Metis.
Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture:
    Metis literature and oral histories, old photographs, and cultural articles from the Gabriel Dumont Institute.
    History of the Métis nation in Canada.
Quebec History: Métis (Metis):
    Anthropology text on the Métis people.
Métis and Non-status Indians:
    Overview of the Metis and Non-status Indians of Quebec.
    Metis and Cree artifacts and storytelling.
Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage: Métis:
    Online exhibit of Metis artifacts from the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Metis Legends:
    Collections of Metis folktales and traditional stories.
Metis Flags * Metis Nation Flags:
    Pictures and history of the development of the Metis flag.
Alberta Metis Flag * British Columbia Metis Flag * Manitoba Metis Flag * Saskatchewan Metis Flag:
    New Brunswick Metis Flag * Nova Scotia Metis Flag:
    Flags of individual Metis nations.
Metis Clothing * The Metis Sash * Metis Octopus Pouches: * Native Wear:
    History and sales of Metis sashes and other traditional clothing.
Riel's Coat:
    Photographs and descriptions of a beaded Metis jacket said to have belonged to Louis Riel.
Metis Buffalo Hunt:
    Article on the Metis method of hunting buffalo.
Metis Food * Metis Bannock (La gallette) * Pemmican Recipe * Metis Beaverball Soup:
    Rub-a-boo * Baked Canadian Goose * Metis Buffalo Steak:
    Traditional Metis recipes.
Native Hockey: Theo Fleury * Theoren Fleury:
    Saskatchewan Metis hockey star Theo Fleury.
Native Religion:
    Advice for people researching Indian and Metis spirituality.

Metis Literature and Arts

Art of the Metis:
    Article on Metis beadwork, embroidery and weaving.
Beatrice Mosionier * Beatrice Culleton Mosionier Profile * In Search of April Raintree:
    Spirit of the White Bison * Unusual Friendships * In the Shadow of Evil:
    Metis author Beatrice Culleton Mosionier.
Lee Maracle * Sojourners and Sundogs * Bobbi Lee: Indian Rebel * I Am Woman:
    My Home As I Remember * Bent Box * Daughters Are Forever * Ravensong:
    Metis writer and noted Canadian feminist Lee Maracle.
Howard Adams * A Tortured People * Prison of Grass:
    Metis historian and activist Howard Adams.
Native American Authors: Metis Tribe:
    Metis authors and their works.
Metis Stories:
    Stories by and about the Metis people.
Edmonton Metis Cultural Dance Society:
    Alberta organization promoting Metis dancing and other cultural activities.
Traditional Metis Music and Dance:
    Article on Metis fiddle music, turtulage, and dances.
Robert Duguay:
    Online gallery by a Metis artist.
Native Art:
    Information, photographs and links about Metis and First Nations art.

Metis Politics, Issues and News

Metis Rights:
    FAQ on the goals and Aboriginal rights of the Métis people.
Being Metis:
    Opinions on the definition of Metishood.
Métis Articles and Papers:
    Information on Metis culture and politics.
Metis hunting-rights case arrives at top court:
    Article on the legal status of Metis hunting rights in Canada.

Metis History

History of the Metis People:
    Overview of Metis history in Canada, with links.
Metis Nation of the North West:
    History and culture of the northwestern Metis.
Metis History and Personal Reflections:
    Overview of Metis history by a Metis (French-Cree-Dene) man.
The Northwest Resistance * Northwest Rebellion:
    The Northwest Rebellion of 1885.
Louis Riel * Louis Riel * Louis Riel Biography:
    Louis Riel, Metis revolutionary leader and father of Manitoba.
Unwritten Metis History:
    An alternative look at Metis history.

Cree and Metis Genealogy

Metis Families:
    Metis genealogical resource, with census indexes, marriage records, and sources for research.
Metis Genealogy Forum:
    Messageboard for Metis Indian descendants.
North American Metis:
    Genealogical mailing lists and bulletin boards for Metis ancestry.
    Mailing list for anyone researching Cree fur trade family histories in Canada.
Are You Metis?:
    A Metis genealogical questionnaire.
Cree Families:
    Intended to provide information for Cree people searching for their families. Not too much here yet.
Red River Métis Genealogical Collection:
    Red River Metis families listed alphabetically by name.
John Leclair's Really Big Family:
    Family history of a Metis man, his French, Cree, and Algonquin ancestors.
Titameg's Children:
    Descendants of a Metis woman.
Native Genealogy:
    Direction for those seeking a Metis or First Nations ancestor.

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Additional Resources, Links, and References

  Louis Riel and the Metis:
  Encyclopedia entries about the Metis.   Les Métis en Alberta * Métis du Canada:
  Information about the Metis people in French.
  Pueblo Metis:
  Information about the Metis people in Spanish.

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