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Mískito Indian Language (Mískitu, Mísquito, Bahwika, Wanki)

Miskito is an indigenous language of Central America, spoken by nearly 200,000 people in Nicaragua, Honduras and Belize. Miskito, also known as Bahwika, Wangki, or Tawira, belongs to the Misumalpan language family, which is considered by some linguists to be a subset of the Chibchan language group. Another 100,000 people speak a second language called Miskito Coastal Creole, which is a mixture of Miskito, English, Spanish, and African languages that arose after colonization.

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Miskito Language
Miskito language samples and resources.

Miskito Culture and History
Information and links about the Miskito tribe past and present.

Miskito Legends
Introduction to Miskito mythology.

Miskito Language Resources

Our Online Miskito Materials

Miskito Words
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Miskito language.

Miskito Language Lessons and Linguistic Descriptions

Human Rights: Miskito:
    Translation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the Miskito language.
Miskito Prayers:
    Miskito translation of the Lord's Prayer.
Diccionario Miskito
     Dictionary and grammatical overview of Miskito. Page in Spanish.
House of Languages: Miskitu:
     Information about Miskitu language usage.
Mískito Language
     Demographic information about Miskito from the Ethnologue of Languages.
La Mosquitia
     Article on bilingual education among the Miskito Indians.
Freelang Miskito Dictionary:
    Free downloadable wordlist of the Miskito language.
Miskitu Language Tree:
    Theories about Miskito's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
Miskito Language Structures:
    Miskito linguistic profile and academic bibliography.

Links, References, and Additional Information

  Endangered Languages Project: Miskito:
Bibliography of Miskito language resources.
Miskito Language:
Encyclopedia articles on Miskito.
Lengua Miskito * Idioma Miskito:
Information about the Miskito language in Spanish.
Miskito links.
Miskito Tribe:
Miskito Indian books.

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