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Mobilian Trade Jargon (Mobilian Pidgin, Yamá)

The Mobilian Trade Jargon was a pidgin trade language based on Choctaw and Chickasaw and used throughout the American southeast. Like all pidgins, the Mobilian Jargon has extremely simplified grammar compared to the complex sentence structure of Choctaw and other Muskogean languages. Choctaw and Chickasaw are still vigorous languages today, but the Mobilian pidgin hasn't been spoken since the 1970's.

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Mobilian Jargon Language Resources

Mobilian Jargon Vocabulary
     Our list of vocabulary words in the Mobilian Jargon, with comparison to Choctaw.
Mobilian Jargon
     Wikipedia entry on the Mobilian trade jargon.
Mobilian Language
     Ethnologue entry on the Mobilian Jargon.
Mobilian Language Tree:
    Theories about the Mobilian Jargon's language relationships compiled by Linguist List.
The Mobilian Trade Language:
    Book on the history, development, and spread of the Mobilian Jargon.
Native Languages Of The Southeastern United States:
    Survey of southeast American Indian languages, including a section on the Mobilian Jargon.

Links, References, and Additional Information

Lengua Jerga Mobilian:
Information on the Mobilian Jargon language in Spanish.

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