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Native American Legends: Monkey People (Cet'aenn, Tcetin)

Name: Monkey People
Tribal affiliation: Ahtna, Tanana
Native names: Cet'aeni, Cet'aenn, Tcetin
Pronunciation: ket-ann-ee or che-tin
Also known as: Tailed Old Men
Type: Little people, monkeys, antagonists

The Tcetin, or Monkey People, are legendary humanoid creatures with tails who lived in trees and caves. They were said to be enemies of humans. Their English name is a bit of a misnomer-- "Cet'aeni" and "Tcetin" are Athabaskan words for monkeys, but only in the modern era (no monkeys have ever lived in Alaska.) The names literally translate simply as "Tailed Ones."

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