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Native American Legends: Isily (Isil)

Name: Isily
Tribal affiliation: Cahuilla, Cupeno
Alternate spellings: Isilly, Is-El, Isil
Also known as: Coyote
Type: Animal spirits, tricksters, coyotes
Related figures in other tribes: Coyote (Southwestern)

The coyote deity Isily is the trickster figure of the Cahuilla tribe. He is clever but reckless, and is constantly getting himself and the people around him into trouble with his irresponsible and socially inappropriate behavior. Isily stories are often humorous in nature, but they can also be cautionary tales about the consequences of bad behavior and the dangers of interacting with reckless and immoral people.

Isily Stories

*Cahuilla Creation Myth:
    The story of the creation and education of humans, featuring Isily as trickster.

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The Heart Is Fire: The World of the Cahuilla Indians of Southern California:
    Book of oral history and traditional stories told by five Cahuilla elders.

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