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Native American Legends: Kowi Anukasha

Name: Kowi Anukasha
Tribal affiliation: Choctaw
Alternate spellings: Kwanokasha, Kowi anakasha
Pronunciation: ko-wih ah-nuh-kah-shah
Type: Native American little people, forest spirits
Related figures in other tribes: Tsvdigewi (Cherokee), Mannegishi (Cree), Pukwudgie (Algonquian)

The Kowi Anukasha are Little People in Choctaw folklore. They have strong magic and can be very dangerous, but they sometimes also bestow powers upon people who treat them respectfully. Their name literally means "forest dwellers."

Kowi Anukasha Stories

*Choctaw Little People:
    Choctaw stories about the Kowi-Anukasha.

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