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Native American Legends: Nirumbee (Awwakkule)

Name: Nirumbee
Tribal affiliation: Crow
Pronunciation: nee-rum-bee
Also known as: Awwakkule, Akbaakaatdutche
Type: Little people
Related figures in other tribes: Nimerigar (Shoshone), Cannibal Dwarf (Arapaho), Puckwudgie (Wampanoag)

Nirumbee are the little people of Crow Indian folklore. They are usually described as goblin-like beings between one and two feet tall, with sharp teeth and squat necks. Nirumbee are generally enemies of humankind; their behavior ranges from annoying but harmless mischief such as stealing objects or tying knots in hair, to malevolent attacks such as stealing children or mutilating animals. In a few folktales a nirumbee does show himself to help a Crow person, particularly during a sacred fast or in return for a kindness done for them.

Nirumbee Stories

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