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Native American Legends: Nitosi (Yedariye)

Name: Nitosi
Tribal affiliation: Dene
Alternate spellings: Niottsi, Ni-ottsi, Nioltsini, Nioltsi, Noltsi, Yedariyé, Yedariye, Yeddariye, Yuttoere
Pronunciation: Varies by language: nee-toss-ee, nee-ont-see, or nee-olth-tsee. Yedariye is pronounced yeh-dah-ree-yay.
Type: Creator god, high god, sky spirit
Related figures in other tribes: Utakké (Carrier), Nesaru (Arikara), Gitchie Manitou (Chippewa)

Nitosi, or Yedariye, is the name of the great sky god of the Dene tribes. He is a benevolent creator spirit who will occasionally intervene to help people in distress. Yedariye means "He who lives on high," and Niottsi means "Creator."

Nitosi Stories

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