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Native American Legends: Nunnehi (Nanye-hi)

Name: Nunnehi
Tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Alternate spellings: Nunne'hi, Nvne'hi, Nvnehi, Nanehi, Nanye-hi, Nanyehi
Pronunciation: nun-nay-hee
Also known as: Travelers
Type: Indian little people, nature spirits
Related figures in other tribes: Jogah (Iroquois,) Puckwudgie (Algonquian,) Mikm (Wabanaki)

Nunnehi are a supernatural spirit race which is friendly towards humans, particularly towards the Cherokee tribe. Nunnehi are very strong and sometimes intercede in battle on the Cherokees' behalf. Nunnehi are usually invisible but sometimes show themselves to humans they like, appearing as regal looking human warriors. In some Cherokee legends, Nunnehi are described as being little people like the Yunwi Tsunsdi, appearing as miniature warriors. In others, they are human in size and build but have an otherworldly appearance. The name Nunnehi means "traveler" or "one who goes about."

Nunnehi Stories

*The Nunnehi:
    Cherokee folktales about the Nunnehi.

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