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Native American Legends: Stoneclad

Name: Stoneclad
Tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Native names: Nvyunuwi, Nvyvunuwi, Nuyunuwi, Nûñ'yunu'wï
Pronunciation: nun-yoo-noo-wee
Type: Stone being, monster
Related figures in other tribes: Stonecoat (Iroquois), Windigo (Ojibwe)

Stoneclad is a monster from Cherokee folklore. Details about Stoneclad vary from telling to telling-- in some versions there is only one, while in others there are a whole race of Stoneclads. In some versions Stoneclad is man-sized, or indeed is a human witch that turned himself into an invulnerable monster; in others, he is a stone-skinned giant like the Stonecoats of the northern Iroquois tribes. In all cases he has rocklike plates of armor that protect him from fire, cold, and weapons; he is defeated only through sapping his magical power by destroying his talismans or exposing him to menstruating women.

Stoneclad Stories

*Nûñ'yunu'wï * Conquering Stone Clad:
    Cherokee legends about the defeat of a Stoneclad.

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