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Native American Legends: Unknown Woman (Ohoyo Osh Chisba)

Name: Unknown Woman
Tribal affiliation: Choctaw
Native names: Ohoyo Chishba Osh, Ohoyo Osh Chisba
Pronunciation:oh-hoh-yoh cheesh-bah osh
Type: Corn goddess
Related figures in other tribes: Corn Mother (Arikara), Selu (Cherokee), Mandamin (Anishinabe)

Unknown Woman is a mythological figure who brought corn to the Choctaw people. Her Choctaw name, Ohoyo Chishba Osh, means "woman who stretches way back," in other words Long-Ago or Unknown Woman.

Unknown-Woman Stories

*Choctaw Corn Legend:
    Choctaw legends about the woman who brought corn to the people.

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