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Native American Legends: Wild People (Mialuka)

Name: Wild People
Tribal affiliation: Osage, Omaha, Kansa
Native names: Mialuka, Mia-ah-luschkas, Mi'a-gthu-shka; Ni'kashiga Ma'tanaha, Ni'kashinga Man'tanaha; Gada'zhe, Mo thuzhathega, Magdazadige, Mong-thu-jah-the-gah
Pronunciation: uh-ba-bin-ih-lee
Type: Native American little people
Related figures in other tribes: Canotila (Lakota), Puckwudgies (Ojibway), Jogah (Iroquois)

The Wild People are fairy-like little people of central and southern Siouan folklore. They are usually described as being 1-2 feet tall, sometimes winged, and in some tribes, such as the Omaha, they are said to have only one eye. The Wild People have magical powers and can be dangerous, sometimes kidnapping children or using witchcraft to harm people.

Wild People Stories

*The Osage Little People:
    Article about past and present beliefs about the Wild People.

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