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Native American Legends: Natosi (Natos)

Name: Natosi
Tribal affiliation: Blackfeet
Alternate spellings: Natos, Notos, Naatosi, Naato'si, Naato'siwa, Nato'se, Natosiw, Nah-too-si
Also known as: Omahkaato'si, Omuqkatos
Pronunciation: Naato'si is usually pronounced nah-toh-see in Blackfoot, and Omahkaato'si is oh-muh-kah-toh-see.
Type: God, sun being
Related figures in other tribes: Niskam (Mi'kmaq)

Natosi is the Blackfoot sun god. Some anthropologists consider Natosi to be the same as the creator god Apistotoke, but our Blackfoot speakers are adamant that they are two different mythological figures and that Natosi, although the principal god of the Blackfoot people, was not the one who created the universe- - instead, Natosi was created by Apistotoke as the first aand foremost of the sacred Sky People. The name Naato'si does not literally mean "sun" in Blackfoot-- it actually means "holy one," although it is sometimes used to refer to the sun in everyday speech as well. "Omahkaato'si" is a superlative form of the same name, meaning "great holy one."

Unlike the abstract Apistotoke, Natosi is a masculine being. His wife is Komorkis, the moon, and their children are the stars (the most important one being Morning-Star.) Several important mortal heroes of Blackfoot legend are said to be grandchildren of Natosi, such as Star Boy.

Natosi Stories

*The Creation:
    Blackfoot myth about the creation of Naato'si and the Above People.
*The Story of Poia:
    Blackfoot epic legend including Natosi's instructions to the people about how to perform the Sun Dance.
*The Theft from Sun * The Fire-Leggings:
    Blackfoot stories about Old-Man trying to steal Natosi's pants.
*The Snake With Big Feet:
    Blackfoot legend about Nato'se granting a snake's wish to become human.
*The Moon and the Great Snake:
    Blackfoot story about a giant snake punished by Natosi for flirting with his wife.

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    Collection of traditional Blackfoot legends and folktales, including several about Natosi.
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    Anthology of folklore from the Blackfoot and other Northern Plains tribes.

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